Poker writer’s job

One of the most interesting jobs in the poker market is being a poker writer. Poker writers are people who are in the middle of the action and are the first ones to know all the latest news. Being a poker writer is also a hard work. Good English or native language skills are not enough, because a poker writer should understand the game of poker from the inside, play online poker, communicate with fellow poker players in the largest online communities and social networks etc.

Writing about poker is usually not a full time job, unless one gets lucky and their skills and sharpness of quill are noticed by some big poker media site or a popular magazine. Sometimes poker writers work for a few companies at a time because they receive their salary for a written piece and not for the time they spend writing it. The prices vary from $10 to $50 per simple 500 word text depending on the topic or the purpose of writing (SEO texts are cheaper, creative writing for blogs – in the middle, analyst stories for magazines – best paid).

If you have good writing skills and would like to start your poker writer’s carrier, you should start from SEO texts, rewriting and guest blogging.

There are tons of freelance job sites where you can search for any poker related text writing offers. One of the best websites of the kind is Just try searching for “poker writers” and you will get the latest job offers.

You can also try searching for poker blogs that need poker bloggers. For example, one of the most popular blogs in the poker market BillRini is now looking for a poker writer. By the way, Bill also manages a Poker Jobs website, where everyone can submit a position and look for new job offers (simply subscribe to RSS).

Another popular blog site is also looking for a poker writer. Their requirements are absolutely fair and not very demanding:

…poker writers who have knowledge of all forms of poker. Writers must play online, must have knowledge of Omaha, Holdem, Razz, Stud, and follow the high stakes games at Full Tilt Poker and other sites. Writers must also have many hours of watching poker on TV under their belt.

PokerBankrollBlog is looking for writers since 2008. Everyone is free to submit their poker article in this blog, but it must fit to their Terms and Conditions.

There are some other sites for Poker job postings, but they are either neglected or have no visitors. The best way to get the job is to write a few articles, make a short presentation of yourself and send an email to the editors of the biggest poker media sites like Cardplayer, Pokernews, PokerListings etc. Of course, they may get lost in the busy mailboxes of the biggest online magazine editors, so you should be patient. All these sites also have their blog sections, so you could try writing there first. is an open blogging service, your blogs might even get to the PokerNews homepage upon editor’s decision, so you can easily become their special blogger. Cardplayer and PokerListings usually want pros to write their blogs, but you can still prove your writing abilities.

As you can see there are lots of opportunities to get a poker writer/blogger job these days. Some independent poker bloggers can earn enough from their blogs, so that may as well be a full time job. However, this way of income is rather hard, because the author must build their personal brand. A paid blogger can write under a nickname, while independent poker blogger must be like a poker celebrity. It is your decision which path to choose.