Too much useless poker information in Facebook Pages

Why do some people hate Facebook? One of the reasons is “too much useless information”. And this is absolutely true. Facebook has become the place where a lot of people try to sell their products in various ways. Therefore, lots of fake Facebook fan pages are created every day.

To those who are not yet familiar with the Facebook Page tool, I can say that it is a wonderful application for any brand to distribute valuable information in a more acceptable way for the Facebook users. One can post text links, blogs, RSS, videos, pictures, PDFs, presentations and much more.

Some poker brands use Facebook marketing quite successfully. For example, the official PokerStars Facebook page has got approximately 30,000 fans. Some of the others also have as much as 1000-2000 fans. This amount is just enough to update the majority of the readers with the latest news without waiting for them to visit the website or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Unfortunately, there are more dead pages than normal. ‘Normal’ means that the page is updated at least once a week, it contains various information and not only the RSS feed update made using the Facebook Notes feature, various tools are used, videos added etc. In other words, the basic capabilities of the Facebook page are being used.

For example, the BetfairPoker Facebook page advertises their major promotions using the Static FBML application. This requires some specific web design skills and programming knowledge. The page does not only advertise the latest promotions, but also updates the fans with the news about the Betfair poker pros and their achievements. The opposite example would be Gus Hansen’s ‘unofficial’ Facebook page with 27,000 fans and 0 updates from the Gus Hansen’s agent or the FullTilt social Media team (Gus Hansen is a FullTilt pro). It seems that FT does rely on the social media very much. The official FullTilt’s Facebook page only provides their blog updates.

It is only the beginning of poker in social media, therefore the marketing people still do not consider Facebook or any other social network as a possible source of income. Maybe in the next 2-5 years the situation will change and people will be able to get high quality information resources on Facebook. So far there is a huge absence of pages worth following. It is hard to admit, but there are only 50-60 quality poker fan pages. All the others are either dead or created only with the purpose of advertising someone’s online poker affiliate links.