Just a short introduction to Poker 2.0

What is Poker 2.0? It’s  definitely not a second version of some poker software. It is a new term (I didn’t come up with it) defining the web 2.0 aspects in poker.

People might ask: what is Web 2.0? In simple terms web 2.0 describes all kinds of internet services and tools which allow the users generate their own content. Comments on CNN.com are not WEB 2.0, but if someone sends a picture of a crashed plane and it becomes the primary information source – it can be considered to be web 2.0. It is closely related to all kinds of social media which is based on the user generated content – status updates, pictures, videos, links with descriptions, blogs, music, files etc. Social networks are global institutions which unite people with all kinds of interests. There are some narrow interest-based social networks where people communicate and share their experiences related to the particular hobby or topic.

Millions of people all around the world are interested in poker. It has no age limit while played just for fun and it is enjoyed by people speaking various languages. Many Hollywood movies have moments with the main heroes mentioning poker (they do not speak about Baccarat or backgammon). So it comes as no surprise that there are numerous social media services made just for poker players.

This is when Poker 2.0 comes in. All poker related information, generated by poker players about poker can be called Poker 2.0. Need some examples? Here is the list of the most popular poker-related content:

  • poker blogs writing about poker experiences
  • poker hand analysis of a particular play situation which serves as a perfect learning tool
  • poker videos illustrating online play (filmed poker tables are not exactly web 2.0, as it is done by professionals for the TV or the internet shows)
  • online poker table screenshots illustrating the hand or the winnings of the player
  • Poker FAQ made by the players when newbies ask the questions and advanced players answer
  • Poker forum – discussions of all kinds of poker issues
  • Chip count updates from under the table provided using Twitter or any other micro-blogging service
  • Polls and surveys created by the users, not the public opinion research companies
  • erhhh. I am sure I am missing something else

As you can see there is a lot of content which interests poker players and can be generated exclusively by poker players.

I have a blog about it called the Poker 2.0 Blog. Every week you can read something interesting about the poker social media. No affiliate links, no banners, no rakeback promotions, NO promotions at all. Just my research of some new or yet unknown poker tools and features on various poker and global social networks.